Spotlight: Step On It

9 Cool Spring Shoes From Coach

If your style sensibilities are anything like ours, then you like your shoes served up in many shapes and sizes. Offering silhouettes for every occasion, the Coach spring collection runs the gamut from cool and casual to sleek and sophisticated. For your chic consideration, we selected nine pairs capable of overhauling your spring wardrobe, from the ground up!

Stuck on what to wear to fill-in-the-blank? Choose a pair of Coach shoes first—maybe metallic leather heelstowering ankle-strap wedges or textured peep-toe sandals—and let them dictate the rest of your look. With details of hand-woven leather, mirrored metallic straps and jet-set hues, the standout series is not to be missed, so step on it!

Availability: Shop 9 Cool New Spring Shoes From Coach now at

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