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Power Dry

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I think a really fantastic hair dryer is definitely a close runner-up! Especially one that is energy efficient, à la today’s Sultra Sophisticate Power Dryer. Think of it as the ultimate styling weapon to achieve some salon-worthy tresses while simultaneously earning a few extra green points…

With advanced technology in the form of an ionic generator, the Sultra Sophisticate is able to operate at just 1600-watts, which is much lower than many other luxury dryers on the market. However, trust me when I say this does not mean you are sacrificing style-capabilities in any way! It is honestly one of the fastest drying hair tools I have ever used—lowering my carbon footprint and not even realizing it! Oh, and it comes with three temperature settings designated for fine, normal or thick hair, so it is much less damaging. Mah-jor! xoRZ

Availability: Sultra Sophisticate Power Dryer ($280). Available on



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