Their Saturday Style: Who What Wear’s Hillary & Katherine

Kicking off a very special series for the month of December, Who What Wear editors Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power shared with us their idea of the perfect holiday-inspired outfit. As if that wasn’t fabulous enough, the fashionably-digital duo also disclosed a […]


Saturday Style: Sweater Dress

Though it is hard to believe it is November, we are simply ecstatic at the fact because the month brings with it many exciting things, from the election—is it Tuesday yet?!—to Thanksgiving and, where our style-conscious hearts are concerned, plenty […]

Spooky Shoes

Happy Halloween, Zoe Reporters! Appealing to our avant-garde sensibilities, this holiday serves as a playful reminder to push the boundaries on one’s wardrobe even after all of the candy has been consumed. Honing in on one particularly out-there look, we […]


Saturday Style: Mix And Match

In fashion, a good rule of thumb is to mix and match unexpected elements in order to yield a stylish result. For today’s outfit, we did just that! Notice how a luxe leopard coat offsets horizontal stripes while sleek mesh […]

Booties On The Brain

Like every other fashion-forward female, the fall season permeates our mind with a bounty of boots! From mid-calf to thigh-high, there is no escaping our fixation. As for today, we are honing in on a delectable duo of ankle-height heels by, wait for […]


Editor’s Packing List

Lo and behold, New York Fashion Week is here! Kicking off a week’s worth of exclusive, fun features, we are giving you an insider’s peek today at what we packed for the frenetic journey. Taking into consideration all things from cutting-edge outerwear […]


Blinding White

Close followers of The ZOE Report will attest to our feelings about antiquated rules like “No wearing white after Labor Day”—they were made to be broken! As a personal protest to the passé practice, we gathered a handful of white-hot […]

Ask Team Zoe: Bootie Call

I am on a mission for the perfect pair of fall boots—preferably some that are a little bit different and on-trend. What does Team Zoe have in mind? – Becca, via Submit A Question


Saturday Style: Flea Market Flair

Living in Los Angeles, one of our favorite summer pastimes is going to the flea and farmer’s market on the weekend. For your next bazaar outing, we have styled the below look, complete with a floral frock and retro shades, […]

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