Cheap Thrills: 25 Winter Accessories Under $250

November 26, 2013

Look chic in the cold with these budget-friendly buys.


Spotlight: For Him Or Her

November 24, 2012

On a mission to cross off everyone on your holiday shopping list? Shop these luxury leather accessories from Coach, which are perfect for the men and women in your life.


All That Shines

November 9, 2012

At RZ HQ, we have come to think of metallic pieces as the new neutrals. That is, they can be mixed and matched (or mismatched) with pretty much everything in your closet. Test the theory out for yourself with these […]


Leather Looker

November 1, 2012

Autumn is all about rich textures from velvet to corduroy and, our focus du jour, leather. Both sensible and stylish, the tough material acts as a cornerstone in one’s wardrobe throughout the chilly months, providing timeless style while also keeping […]

In Glove

October 26, 2012

Few design houses get our sartorial juices flowing quite like Alexander McQueen. Always avant-garde, dramatic and out-of-the-ordinary, McQueen’s collections truly embody what’s cutting edge in the fashion world. Today’s featured accessory—the designer’s shearling-trimmed leather gloves—is a subtle epitome of the label’s […]


Modern Mitts

October 11, 2012

Despite the fact that your Zoe Report editors are based on the West Coast, we still like to ponder and procure cold weather accouterments—after all, we have to embrace the possibility of snowy vacations! So, when we laid our eyes […]

Ask Team Zoe: Fashion Mitts

September 28, 2012

My daughter just moved to the East Coast for school and I want to get her a nice pair of leather gloves for fall/winter. What are some Team Zoe-approved styles? – Cynthia, via Submit A Question


Stud Crazy

September 24, 2012

At RZ HQ, we believe that studs have become a classic in their own right. And who better to confirm the fact than Valentino? Cementing tough-girl accents as an unfading option, the Italian fashion label has just released their first […]

Ask Team Zoe: Fall Accessory Preview

August 10, 2012

I have been looking forward to fall fashion since summer started! Now that things are finally in stores, what should I shop for to get a jumpstart on the season’s trends? – Karly, via Submit A Question

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