Music Festival Style

April 5, 2012

Once upon a time, there was an indie music celebration held 125 miles east of LA in the great desert land known as Indio Valley. Not unlike Woodstock, this annual event would draw scenesters and band-aids by the masses to […]

Spring Break Style

March 8, 2012

Elise, Just hearing the words “spring break” brings back our own college memories—oh, those were the days! Living vicariously through your forthcoming trip, we happily pulled together a stellar assortment of Miami musts, including neon denim cutoffs, bright printed maxi […]

above the waist

Veiled En Vogue

February 13, 2012

Playing dress up in bridal gowns and veils may have been a pastime we enjoyed at age five, but try gallivanting around in that getup today sans wedding bells and it likely won’t be as charming. Like a knight in […]

Coveted Crowns

December 28, 2011

Like a modern-day Marie Antoinette, lately we’ve found ourselves drawn to some serious dressed-up decadence à la today’s Miu Miu Stone and Pearl Headbands. Bedecked, bejeweled and utterly chic, each a fetching finishing touch fit for a queen. An equal blend of […]

Stylish Stuffers

December 16, 2011

Tracy, We think you have tons of chic options to consider! After doing some stylish sleuthing, we yielded a handful of cool designer finds that are luxurious without breaking the bank. Would your daughter love a Proenza Schouler keychain to […]

Cold Weather Keepers

December 12, 2011

Kelsey, The silver lining of chilly temps is that they give one the chance to flaunt their most pragmatically posh accessories. And there is no shortage of snug add-ons on the market this season! True, the winter weather generally slants […]

above the waist

Topsy Turban

November 17, 2011

Leave it to Lanvin to introduce a real game-changer in the realm of accessories for your tresses. With the advent of the Parisian brand’s turban headband—our adornment du jour—we’re rapidly readjusting all traditional hairstyle regimens to best accommodate our favorite new […]

above the waist

Super Nova

November 3, 2011

In today’s fashion landscape, crystals, gems and beads are no longer just reserved for jewelry, but encompass pretty head adornments too! What we consider to be a pared-down version of an Indian princess crown, Shourouk’s Nova Headband serves as an enchanting, bedazzled […]


Warrior Princess

December 30, 2009

When aiming to put the wow factor in an outfit, I chiefly advise trying one of two things. Either pair a riveting base—think sequin dress or metallic jumpsuit—with subtle chic accessories, or choose a more simple foundation and liven it […]

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