Couture Collars

April 8, 2013

You’ve probably assessed by now that your Team Zoe editors are fervent fans of the statement necklace trend. After all, a truly extraordinary collar adornment can elevate an ensemble to immeasurable heights. Today, we’re providing you with not one, buttwo must-have […]


In Orbit

March 28, 2013

Not long ago, we featured a stunning slew of jewelry boxes from one of our favorite accessory aficionados, Eddie Borgo. Today, dearest Zoe Reporters, we’re calling attention to the designer’s Orbit Pendant Necklace: a luscious bauble that would fit perfectly into one of his […]

Ear Candy

March 22, 2013

In fashion, we are forever fascinated with the juxtaposition of things. Whether it’s the look of a designer item worn with a thrift store find, or the striking contrast of black against white, we endorse clever contrast. Anita Ko delivers divine diversity with […]

Girl With The Dragon Cuff

March 1, 2013

There were many things about the Rodarte spring show that left us mouth agape—the differing textiles, architectural detailing and, on the model front, extreme side-parts—but one facet we really can’t get out of our minds is the armor-tough jewelry, particularly today’s Dragon Ear […]


Haute Hands

February 12, 2013

Conventionality is not really a word we understand or relate to within The Zoe Report office walls. On the contrary, we identify with more out-of-the-box, avant-garde attire that keeps onlookers on their toes. Supporting this way of dressing today is Fenton’s […]

Snake Along

January 23, 2013

When it comes to our jewelry, we make it a point to invest in pieces that are trendy or season specific, along with those that are more timeless. One theme we can never get enough of is anything serpent in […]

Cuff Of Glass

January 17, 2013

More often than not our protocol for getting dressed is: accessories first, clothing second. So when we look at today’s dreamy colored glass cuff from Alberta Ferretti, we immediately begin thinking about what we’d pair with it. The verdict? A knit dress, […]

Turn To Turquoise

January 9, 2013

Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly crave Gaia Repossi’s tough-girl gems any more intensely, the Italian designer magnifies our level of astonishment once again. Putting forth a reinvention of her highly sought-after Berbère series, she has cast her latest enchanting collection entirely […]

Keys Not For Keeps

January 7, 2013

One of our favorite things about accessories is the story they tell, and The Giving Keys convey a particularly special meaning. Founded by actress and singer Caitlin Crosby, the whimsical label converts old keys into wearable, engraved gems while providing work for homeless individuals […]

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