Tress Trend: Bright And Blonde

October 16, 2013

White-blonde hair is back and more chic than ever. Spotted on practically every other model at fashion week, we predict this tress trend to be the biggest of the season. While the bleached look is glam and gorgeous, it can […]


Cover Up

April 20, 2013

Summer is rapidly approaching, and that means one thing: time to stock up on sunscreen! Picking the crème de la crème of all the protective brews out there can be somewhat time-consuming. But lucky for you, dearest Zoe Reporters, we’ve […]


Mind Your Minerals

January 17, 2013

As far as your skin is concerned, copper peptide is no cop out—it’s the new wave of anti-aging! The power-packed ingredient touts serious benefits, mainly in its ability to promote collagen and elastin production (read: you walk away with a […]

Shrink Wrinkles

January 4, 2013

We know how tempting it is to turn a blind eye to the wrinkles that may be slowly materializing on your face, but in the case of aging, ignorance is not bliss. To tackle the problem head-on, we consistently turn […]


Repeal Raccoon Stares

November 9, 2012

Spend one too many late night’s out? No one has to know! Incorporate one of these heavy-duty eye creams into your beauty regime (plus a little concealer) and you’ll look refreshed in a flash.

Easy Being Green

April 25, 2012

While our love of the environment knows no bounds, the number of conscious cosmetics in our collection is quickly outgrowing the limited space on our vanities. So, in honor of Earth Month—and adding a little extra green to our primping […]

Italian Job

December 20, 2011

As admitted skincare junkies, we’ve tried our fair share of rich balms and heavy moisturizers, so trust us when we tell you that Santa Maria Novella’s Crema Tonificante Corpo is a bonafide game-changer. Introduced to Santa Maria Novella at a […]


Winter Wonder

January 4, 2011

While the winter season is always a fabulous time for fashion—hello faux fur outerwear, chunky knits and shearling accessories!—it is not such a glam moment for our skin. I don’t know about you guys, but harsh cold weather leaves my face dry, dull […]


Well-Oiled Machine

September 24, 2009

For me, visiting the spa is a rare occurrence. Most of you will agree that it is nearly impossible to make time for that kind of thing. Be that as it may, it never hurts to pamper yourself from home […]

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