Ask Team Zoe: Last Minute Gift Ideas

I know I am down to the wire, but I still have a few people left on my holiday shopping list! Hoping Team Zoe can […]

Spotlight: Neiman Marcus Shopping Guide

Now that we’ve stuffed our faces on Thanksgiving Day and scavenged around town for the ultimate Black Friday deals, it’s due time to tackle the […]

It’s Past Your Bedtime

No strangers to the concept of pajama dressing, this fall finds your Zoe Report editors eager to invest in new sleepwear to wear both night […]


Permission To Lounge

We jump at every chance to slip into our party heels, but sometimes, there is nothing chicer than a movie night in. If you find […]

Sweet Dreams

In your effort to build the perfect spring wardrobe—full of denim, peplum and platforms!—we kindly ask that you don’t forget about your pajama drawer. After […]

Permission To Lounge

So, you’re having one of those days where you don’t want to get dressed—you just want to stay in your cozy threads all day long. […]

Sleep In These

Since it is a widely honored tradition to receive a new pair of pajamas on Christmas morning—and since the holiday is merely a few weeks […]

Holiday Wish List

After stuffing our faces on Thanksgiving Day and then charging around town to score Black Friday deals, nothing seems more appropriate than taking a moment […]

Dressing Down

As a stylist, I view every new day as an excuse to make a fashion statement—I live to glam up both myself and my clients. […]

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