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Serena Williams’ Baby Girl Has An Instagram Account, And We’re Obsessed

When your mom is a bonafide tennis phenom and you dad co-founded Reddit, chances are high that you’re going to be pretty fabulous yourself. And considering the fact that Serena Williams’ and Alexis Ohanian’s baby girl, Olympia, has already starred in a Gatorade commercial (we’re still tearing up, btw), it’s clear that this little lady already has a better life than we ever will. In fact, now that we’ve discovered baby Olympia’s Instagram account—yep, she’s already got one—our obsession with this cutie has reached new levels. Case in point, this new photo of the mini style star decked out in leopard print, where you can also catch a glimpse of Serena’s insanely gorgeous wedding ring. But we’ve also gathered a few more highlights from Olympia’s ‘gram for your post-Thanksgiving viewing pleasure. Consider this our gift to you.