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The Major Mistakes You’re Making After Your Workout

There’s tons of information on the interwebs about fitness and nutrition, and trying to wade through it can send even the most health-minded among us into a “IDK what I’m doing so I’m just going to eat pizza” tailspin. First off: Don’t go down that road. If you’re confused about what to eat after you work out, Alex Blodgett, co-founder and CMO of just-launched nutrition company Revere, is here to help.

“Most women know there’s a link between fitness and nutrition but aren’t exactly sure what it is. How many times have you Googled, ‘What should I eat after a workout?’ It’s tough to navigate so much information,” she says.

“What you put into your body immediately after your workout is almost more important than the workout itself. Your muscles need proper nourishment, in the proper ratio, at the proper time, so they can repair themselves and become stronger and sleeker for tomorrow. With Revere, we solve all three of these issues with on-the-go packets that have everything you need and nothing you don’t.”

Here, she breaks down what you’re probably getting wrong with your post-workout routine—and how to fix it.

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